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With the increasing occurrence of extreme weather conditions around the world, climate change has become a key factor affecting global sustainable development. And for many, energy shortages and environmental pollution are now obstacles to a better life. CR Power has been actively responding to challenges arising from climate change by increasing its mix of renewable energy and strengthening environmental stewardship and pollution control, contributing to the green development of our world.


Key Topics

Development of Renewable Energy

Response to Climate Change

Water and Wastewater Management

Energy Conservation and Emission


Waste Disposal and Utilization

Strengthening Ecological Protection

Technological Innovations and

Environmental Protection


Management Systems

l Environmental Protection Standards

l EHS Supervision Management Standards

l EHS Job Responsibility System

l Energy Conservation Management Standards

l Energy Conservation Supervision Standards for Thermal Power Units

l Work Guidelines for Power Generation Efficiency

l Improvement in Wind Power Units

l Carbon Asset Management Standards

l Integrated EHS Emergency Response Plan

l EHS Risk Assessment Standards for Thermal Power Companies

l EHS Risk Assessment Standards for Wind Power Companies

l EHS Risk Assessment Standards for Photovoltaic Power Companies

l EHS Risk Assessment Standards for Hydroelectric Power Companies

Safe and Health

Safe production is essential to any company. We at CR Power believe that there are no boundaries when it comes to safety, and people's lives are our foremost top priority in all our activities. Through organizational design, protocols, risk management, emergency response, monitoring and feedback, and safety culture, we have built an all-encompassing production and personal safety framework.


Key Topics

Safe Production and Occupational Health


Management Systems

l EHS Post Responsibility System

l Safety Risk Classification and Control Work Guidelines

l EHS Supervision Management Standards

l EHS Accident and Event Management Standards (Tentative)

l Safety Production Educational Training Management Standards

l Occupational Health Management Standards

l EHS Management Guidelines for Stakeholders in Tender Stage

l EHS Stakeholders Management Standards

l EHS Risk Assessment Criteria for Thermal Power Companies

l EHS Risk Assessment Criteria for Wind Power Companies

l EHS Risk Assessment Criteria for Photovoltaic Power Companies

l EHS Risk Assessment Criteria for Hydroelectric Power Companies


As China pushes forward the structural reform of the power industry and enhances industry supervision, we are actively responding to national policies, seeking progress while ensuring stability, and embracing innovations. We are also strengthening risk management, driving innovations, and sharpening our competitiveness to achieve qualitative growth.


Key Topics

Response to National Policies

Improving Customer Service

Respect for Intellectual Property

Responsible Supply Chains

Maintaining Market Environment

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Protection of Shareholder Interest

Maintenance and Growth of Value of State-owned Assets

Operational Compliance

Industry Cooperation and Development

Corporate Culture and Business Ethics


Management Systems

l Internal Audit Regulations

l Basic Rules of Internal Control and Risk Management

l Guidelines on Incorporating Risk Analysis in Business Processes

l Management Measures for Post-Investment Project Evaluation

l Post-Construction Evaluation Method for the Quality of Thermal Power Projects

l Post-Construction Evaluation Method for the Quality of Wind Power Projects

l Guidelines on Risk Management of Overseas Investments

l Management Measures for Audits

l Management Measures for Remuneration and Benefit Audits

l Management Measures for the Integrity Information of Managers and Key Personnel

l Confidentiality Rules for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Programs

l Implementation Measures on Anti-Corruption Talks

l Legal Dispute Cases Management Standards

l Knowledge Management Standards

l Information Security Management Standards

l Information System Security Management Standards

l Procurement Management Standards

l Procurement Center Management Guidelines

l Management Standards for the Certification of Procurement Personnel

l Guidelines on the Management of Improper Conduct (Blacklist) of Bid Evaluation Experts (Tentative)

l Management Measures for the Recording,Announcement, and Investigation of Interference in Bidding Procedures and Engineering Projects by Managers

l Rules for the Periodic Rotation of Procurement Personnel

l Tax Risk Management Standards

l Management and Evaluation Method for the Chief Financial Officers of Affiliate Companies

l Guidelines on Risk Management in Power Sales


CR Power regards talent as its most precious wealth and core competitiveness. The development of the Company is impossible without the support and dedication of each employee. By providing a fair and just work platform, a workspace that allows employees to bring their competence into full play, and sound career development paths and training, CR Power aims to create a pleasant work environment, drive the growth and well-being of employees, and forge ahead together with them.


Key Topics

Employee Training and Development

Employee Rights and Care


Management Systems

l Management Measures for Employment Contract

l Headquarters Management Measures for Vacation Leaves

l Management Standards for Recruitment

l Management Standards for Organizational Performance

l Management Standards for All Employee

l Performance at Regional Companies

l Management Measures for Talent Coordination and Exchanges

l Guidelines for the Implementation Plan on the Professional Development Paths at Regional Companies

l Management Measures for Mentors of New Employees

l Management Standards for Employees' Participation in External Training



CR Power appreciates greatly the support and assistance from stakeholders. We will continue to focus on poverty alleviation and public welfare programs, advance balanced population growth and regional development, and work together with stakeholders on building an inclusive, tolerant, and happy society.


Key Topics

Response to National Policies

Community Service and



Management Rules

l Management Standards for Charity Activities

l Social Responsibility Program Management Standards

l Guidelines for Models of Poverty Alleviation through Wind Power Projects