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  • 28/07/2022
    On July 25, the opening ceremony of the 2022 China Resources Group "Stars of the Future" North China Training Camp III for New Staff (the Power Camp) was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. Zhang Junzheng, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of CR Power, Ma Li, Vice President of CR Power, General Manager of North China Region and Chief of the North China Camp III, Cai Qinpei, member of the Executive Committee of CR Learning and Innovation Center, relevant staff of the Science and Technology R&D Team, relevant principals of the HR Department and North China Region of CR Power, and the instructor team attended the event and witnessed the opening of the camp with 533 campers.
  • 26/07/2022
    From July 18 to 20, a review meeting was held in Chibi, Hubei Province on the preliminary design principles of CR Power's Puqi Phase III 1000MW Ultra-supercritical Coal-fired Generating Unit Project ("Phase III Project") was successfully held. Zhang Junzheng, vice chairman of the board of directors, and Bu Xiandou, vice president, of the Company were present at the meeting. Also present were Chen Xinjun, chairman, and Hu Yuqing, vice chairman, of Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. (CSEPDI) of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, as well as relevant personnel from Power China Hubei Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. and State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd.
  • 24/07/2022
    On July 19, a ceremony was held in Xianning, Hubei Province to mark the opening of the dedicated coal shuttle train between Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group and CR Power. Wu Xiaofeng, Chief Engineer of Hubei Energy Bureau, Lin Min, Chief Dispatcher of Wuhan Railway Bureau, Chen Xiping, General Manager of Shaanxi Coal Selling and Transportation (Group) Corporation, Sun Shengchuan, Deputy General Manager of Baoji Huahai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Chen Shuibo, Executive Deputy Mayor of Chibi City, and Zhang Junzheng, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of CR Power.
  • 18/07/2022
    On the morning of July 16, a keynote forum was held jointly by CR Power, CR Capital and JS Group of Hong Kong, which announced the official establishment of JS Group of Hong Kong. The Forum was one of the series of activities approved by the Hong Kong SAR Government to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China.
  • 23/06/2022
    On June 20, CR Power and Panjiang Coal and Electricity Group signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement on Coal Mine Project in Guiyang.
  • 17/06/2022
    From June 13 to 16, CR Power launched the opening ceremony of the "Training Course for Potential Talents" and the theme course of "Strategic Planning" at the South Campus of China Resources Learning and Innovation Center.
  • 01/06/2022
    On May 31, Liu Guixin and Chen Guoyong, external directors of CR Power, visited Shenzhen Company for grassroots inspection and instruction.
  • 10/05/2022
    On May 7, Shi Baofeng, President of CR Power, met with Cong Li, Mayor of Jiamusi City in Shenzhen. The two sides exchanged views and reached a broad consensus on wind power project construction, UHV planning, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in hydrogen energy and energy storage, and pharmaceutical and food industry projects.
  • 01/05/2022
    From April 25 to 26, CR Power held a seminar on energy technology business strategy at the Xiaojiwan Campus of the CR Learning and Innovation Center. Shi Baofeng, President of CR Power, and Wang Shaojun, Professional Director of the Group's Scientific and Technological Innovation Department presented at the meeting. More than 60 leaders in charge of scientific and technological innovation of the holding company, heads of relevant departments and technical research institutes of the holding company, and relevant colleagues attended the meeting.
  • 02/03/2022
    Recently, China Resources Power Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. was recognized as a new R&D institution in Guangdong Province in the list of new R&D institutions in Guangdong Province from 2020 to 2021 issued by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, which is the first time that CR Power has been recognized as a provincial high-level scientific and technological innovation platform.