Xinjiang 1400MW Wind and PV Power and Storage Project Starts Construction
28-07-2022 Northern China Region

On July 25 to 26, a ceremony was held in Balikun County of Hami District and Lop County of Hotan Prefecture, respectively, to commemorate the construction commencement of the Xinjiang 1400MW wind and photovoltaic power and storage project.

Once completed, the project will be able to provide 3.87 billion kilowatt hours of clean electricity annually and save approximately 1.339 million tons of standard coal, which will effectively promote local industrial upgrading and economic development. The project is a major initiative and concrete practice of CR Power to serve the overall national policy and bring into practice the strategic agreements of China Resources Group by having a business presence in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is also an example of the Region's active implementation of the national requirements for steady growth by vigorously leading industrial upgrading and actively introducing enterprises to make investments.