Pipe Blowing for No.3 Boiler Unit of Fuyang Company's Phase II Project Successfully Completed
18-07-2022 Fuyang Company

On July 13, Fuyang Company's Phase II project successfully completed the milestone node of boiler pipe blowing for the No.3 boiler unit, marking the imminent entry of the No.3 boiler unit into the sprint stage for a full start-up.

In terms of the pipe blowing plan, the approach of blowing with pressure reduction and stabilization was used, during the process of which the main parameters were under excellent control, with the boiler body and the expansion of the six pipes in good condition, and the walls of the boiler's heated surface were under no excessive pressure or overheated. The blowing started on July 9 and lasted for 5 days. The joint acceptance found that the main indicators, such as the size of the impact marks and the quantity of the target plates, all exceeded the standards required by the specifications, which marked the successful completion of the pipe blowing of the No.3 boiler unit.