CR Power and CR Vientiane Life Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
09-10-2023 CR Power


On the afternoon of October 9, CR Power and CR Vientiane Life signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Witnessed by Shi Baofeng, President of the Board of Directors of CR Power, and Yu Linkang, President of CR Vientiane Life, Fan Zhe, Vice President of CR Power, and Wang Haimin, Vice President of CR Vientiane Life, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

President Yu Linkang welcomed President Shi Baofeng and his delegation, expressed his gratitude to CR Power for its continued support to Vientiane Life, and introduced the development and operation of CR Vientiane Life. He pointed out that Vientiane Life has rich industry experience and considerable market scale in the fields of commercial management and property management. It provides comprehensive management and operation services in high-end residences, shopping malls, office buildings, urban public buildings and other fields, and has industry-leading service capabilities. He expressed his hope to strengthen cooperation with CR Power in aspects such as charging infrastructure construction, green and low-carbon development, and property management business expansion.

President Shi Baofeng praised Vientiane Life’s excellent operations and development achievements, and introduced CR Power’s rapid development in green energy, professional advantages in comprehensive energy, and many honors in ESG. He pointed out that as a professional company within the Group, CR Power will give full play to its industry advantages in accordance with the requirements of the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy, explore the field of comprehensive energy services, and empower all enterprises within the group with the green and low-carbon development. He expressed his hope to strengthen cooperation with Vientiane Life in aspects such as power plant property management, zero-carbon construction of commercial complexes, charging infrastructure construction, energy management innovation, and green electricity sales.

According to the agreement, the two parties will work closely in six aspects, including urban space operation services, comprehensive energy services, charging infrastructure construction, electricity purchase and sale business, carbon asset management, and customer resource sharing, and establish communication and project coordination mechanisms at all levels to implement the strategic cooperation of both parties.

This will be a new start for Vientiane Life and it will move forward firmly. In the future, CR Power and CR Vientiane Life will work together to deepen all-round cooperation and exchanges in resource utilization, business integration, green development, etc., and jointly create a model of collaboration within the group to bring a new look to urban life.