CR Power Launches Charity Brand “Energy Classroom”
21-09-2023 CR Power



On September 19, the launch ceremony of CR Power’ charity brand “Energy Classroom” was successfully held in Zhangjiakou City. The ceremony was hosted by China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. One main venue and six video sub-venues were set up for the ceremony with live broadcast simultaneously. A total of 511 people including leaders from local governments, teachers and students, and news media representatives from the seven "Energy Classrooms" participated in the event.

Vice Chairman Zhang Junzheng said in his speech that in order to deeply practice General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on rural revitalization and educational power, implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party, and actively implement the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s strategic deployment on the effective connection between consolidating results of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, CR Power established the "Energy Classroom" charity brand and carried out the construction of "Energy Classroom" in themed batches across the country. Through the combination of digital technology and multimedia equipment, students can have more efficient and intuitive learning experience. CR Power has also developed supporting courses to combine popularizing energy science knowledge, inheriting national culture, and promoting the red revolution spirit, so that children can enjoy fairer and higher-quality educational resources. In the future, CR Power will give full play to its advantages as a central energy enterprise, bravely shoulder the important responsibilities of the times, and make new and greater contributions to the country and society.

Yu Feng, Professional Director of the Social Responsibility and Public Relations Department of CR Group Office, said that CR Power has built a pragmatic and efficient management system and launched unique responsibility fulfillment projects, demonstrating its voluntary shouldering of responsibilities. He looks forward to more “Energy Classrooms” taking root in the future. Wang Yanqing, deputy magistrate of Zhangbei County, expressed his heartfelt thanks to CR Power for its contribution and care. He said that the construction of CR Power's "Energy Classroom" aims to empower rural revitalization through education and is one of the practical achievements in line with the country's overall development plan and urban and rural coordinative development. He hoped that in the future, CR Power will continue to give full play to its advantages as a central enterprise, strengthen its mission, give back to society, and serve the national decision-making, deployment and strategy.

During the event, CR Power introduced the "Energy Classroom" charity brand. Seven "Energy Classrooms" were unveiled collectively in the first batch. Guests at the main venue lit up the "Energy Classroom" charity brand of CR Power, announcing the "Energy Classroom" brand was officially released to the society. After the ceremony, volunteers were organized in each venue to conduct electricity knowledge popularization classes in the "Energy Classroom", carry out experiential teaching, and donate relevant student aid materials.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary of listing, China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. planned and implemented the construction of the "Energy Classroom" charity brand of CR Power. With the help and support from all walks of life, the first "Energy Classrooms" were successfully put into use. The company hopes to better fulfill its corporate social responsibility through the "Energy Classroom" brand, make progress with the society, and breathe with the times. It is implemented through classroom donations, supplemented by volunteer activities and the development of electric power science courses, to inject new momentum into rural revitalization and help revitalize rural education.