The North China No. 1 Camp of CR Group's 2023 "Stars of the Future" New Employee Training Camp Successfully Concluded
17-08-2023 CR Power


On August 15, the North China No. 1 Camp of CR Group’s 2023 “Stars of the Future” New Employee Training Camp held a closing ceremony in Hohhot. Shi Baofeng, President of the Board of Directors of CR Power, attended the meeting via video. Vice President Liu Xiusheng, heads of the Human Resource Department, the Northern Region, and North China No. 1 Camp, leaders of the holding company headquarters, technology institutes and different regions, together with 373 campers, participated in the camp closing ceremony.

All campers of North China No. 1 Camp participated in the graduation ceremony of CR Group's 2023 "Stars of the Future" New Employee Training Camp online. Representatives of campers from each camp reported on camp highlights and action learning topics. All campers listened carefully to the speech of Mr. Wang Xiangming, President of CR Group for camp conclusion.

In the offline activities, the commander of the North China No. 1 Camp took the "four goals" as the main line and outlined to everyone a colorful picture of "Party building leadership", "green empowerment" and "smart safety" by reviewing the camp's Party building work, training courses, innovative achievements, cultural and sports activities, etc., and collectively displayed the camp activities and achievements. Subsequently, the camp commended outstanding individuals and groups, and invited parents of campers to send blessings to their children through video letters.

During the camp flag handover ceremony, the relevant person in charge of the Northeast Region took over the camp flag from Vice President Liu Xiusheng, which meant that the flag will fly in the wind in the Northeast Region next year, reflecting the inheritance and development of the training camp spirit.

President Shi Baofeng delivered a speech at the camp closing ceremony. He pointed out that the development of CR Power serves the national strategy of the new era. In the future, all the little stars will participate in the new round of transformation and development of CR Power. This is their glorious mission with a heavy responsibility and long journey. He hoped that everyone will consciously assume their responsibilities and always utilize their youthful strength; they will care about the development of the enterprise and always serve as a progressive force for the continuous development of the enterprise; and they will improve their own abilities and always serve as a vigorous force for lasting development.