Chairman Shi Baofeng Visited Zhang Lun, Secretary of CPC Heze Municipal Committee, and Li Chunying, Mayor of Heze
08-08-2023 CR Power


On the afternoon of August 3, CR Power's Board Chairman Shi Baofeng and his delegation met with Zhang Lun, CPC Heze Municipal Committee Secretary, and Li Chunying, CPC Heze Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary and Heze Mayor. They talked and communicated about issues like advancing CR Power and Heze City's collaboration in new energy development.

Chairman Shi Baofeng and his delegation received a warm welcome from Heze City Party Secretary Zhang Lun and Mayor Li Chunying, who expressed their appreciation for CR Power's contributions to the socio-economic development of Heze City. Secretary Zhang Lun spoke highly of CR Power's achievements in the aspects of "professionalism", "dedication", and "efficiency". He expressed his hope that the two parties would leverage the opportunity of new energy development to deepen their cooperation and broaden their collaboration scope. He stated Heze City would offer the most favorable business environment and services to facilitate the construction of cooperation projects. Besides, he hoped to carry out multi-level and all-round cooperation with CR Power to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Chairman Shi Baofeng expressed his gratitude to Secretary Zhang Lun and Mayor Li Chunying for their warm reception and to CPC Heze Municipal Committee and Municipal Government for their strong support for CR Power's business development in Heze over the years. He also briefed them on the company's investment, industry introduction, and support needs in Heze. He stated that CR Power will treat Heze City as a vital energy investment base in Shandong Province. He expressed a desire to build upon the extensive agreement between both parties to define strategic cooperation further, advance in-depth implementation, and actively contribute to the high-quality socio-economic development of Heze City.

Wang Jun, Member of the CPC Heze Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary-General, Nie Yuanke, Member of the CPC Heze Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Leaders of Mudan District, Cao County, Chengwu County, Juancheng County, and Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Ma Li, Vice President of CR Power and General Manager of North China Region, persons in charge of Shandong New Energy Company and Heze Company attended the meeting.